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Download free and easy to use World`s no.1 fastest Internet mobile web browsers for Android, iPhone, Symbian. Java, Windows Phone, iPad, aPadDownload free and easy to use World`s no.1 fastest Internet mobile web browsers for Android, iPhone, Symbian. Java, Windows Phone, iPad, aPad.This is the most popular mobile internet web browser in the world! This Browser, Puzzle Pieces of Your Typical Mobile Life. Now this new Browser comes to users with a lot of new features and improvements. Here are the updates: 

Fastest Internet Mobile Web Browser Features:

*Thunder Mode: Visit sites(Facebook/Twitter) faster through the new Thunder mode.
*Evernote support: now users can share everything that they are viewing online to Evernote, which helps you to save your Browsing trace. Important links, nice picture or a funny tweet, now you can all save it to your Evernote directly from this Browser. 
*Quick Reads: find the most updated news or articles directly from this Browser, most selected sites are pre-selected for you, and you can also add your favorite sites that have RSS feed onto Quick Reads. You can enjoy updated news from CNN, Bloomberg or WSJ, and also enjoy sports and weather information while you're having a break. 
*Multi-Touch: With the swipe of your fingers, you can open, close, switch, and backwards and forwards much faster and easier when surfing the web.
*User Oriented Optimization: We improved our url auto-complete and title auto-complete for users to pin sites to the homepage for easier browsing experience.

Fastest Internet Mobile Web Browser Compatibility:

Fastest Internet Mobile Web Browser supports following phones:
Symbian^3/Anna/Belle: Nokia N8-00 / C6-01 / C7-00 / C7 Astound / E7-00 / X7-00 / E6-00 / Oro / T7-00 / 702T / 500 / 801T / 603 / 700 / 701
S60 5th(V5): Nokia C5-06 / C5-05 / C5-04 / C5-03 / 5250 / 5228 / 5233 / C6-00 / 5230 Nuron / 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited / Nokia N97 mini / X6-00 / 5230 / 5530 XpressMusic / N97 / 5800 XpressMusic
S60 3rd(V3) FP2: Nokia C5-00 5MP / Nokia X5-01 / E73 Mode / C5-01 / X5-00 / E5-00 / 6788i / C5-00 / 6700 slide / 6788 / Nokia 6760 slide / 6790 slide / 6790 Surge / E72 / 6730 classic / E52 / E71x / 5730 XpressMusic / N86 8MP / Nokia 6710 Navigator / 6720 classic / E55 / E75 / 5630 XpressMusic / N79 / N85 / N96-3 / Nokia 5320 XpressMusic / 6650 fold / 6210 Navigator / 6220 classic / N78 / N96
S60 3rd(V3) FP1: Nokia E63 / E66 / E71 / 6124 classic / N82 / E51 / N95-3 NAM / N81 / N81 8GB / N95 8GB / 6121 classic / Nokia 6120 classic / 5700 XpressMusic / 6110 Navigator / E90 Communicator / N76 / 6290 / N95
S60 3rd(V3): Nokia E61i / E65 / N77 / N93i / N91 8GB / E62 / E50 / 5500 Sport / N73 / N93 / N71 / N80 / N92 / Nokia E60 / E61 / E70 / 3250 / N91

Fastest Internet Mobile Web Browser Q&A:

Q: How do I intall this Browser on my iPhone?
A: Download this Browser through your App store. After installation, enter your Apple ID and password..

Q: How do I use “My Navigator”?
A: Choose the correct icon, through default shortcut 1. Activate menu or press down on the icon for automatic edit.

Q: How do I update the preinstalled version to the newest version?
A: Preinstalled version is specialized for certain cell phones, allowing the browser to perform at its fullest, thus we do not recommend updating to newest version, in prevention of compatibility issues.

Q: How come I can’t switch to pictureless mode?
A: Shortcut mode is only temporary. If you would like to made pictureless mode as your default mode, you can change and save your selection in system setting.

Q: How do I delete my address input history?
A: This Browser will match the website input to possible websites through surfing history and bookmark. If you can’t delete the history, that is because this website is saved in your bookmark.

Q: How come I can’t find my bookmark?
A: It may be due to the fact that you are low on memory. You may delete some unused apps on your phone to restore my bookmark.

Q: How come the downloading speed is getting slower when I download?
A: 1. When downloading big size files to your SD card, because the SD card is still in reading mode, which will decrease the working ability, thus the downloading speed will be slower.
    2. You may use fragmented downloading method, this way, after finishing partial download, the software to reconnect to the server, allowing the speed to increase from 0.

Q: How come I can’t open the downloaded files?
A: 1. Change the download path to “save to phone”, and re-download the file.
    2. Use system browser to download the file.

Q: How come the title of the downloaded file is unrecognizable?
A: 1. It could be word stock’s problem; you may update your word stock or return to default setting.
    2. If you are using a theme that is downloaded or installed from an independent website, it may have compatibility issues, thus changing your theme or uninstalling the theme may solve the problem.

Q: How come the shortcut key combination is not working?
A: You must click on the keys by its sequence in order to activate the shortcut key combination function.
For example, for combination #2, you must press # first, then press 2.
Change system setting, go to page break to set the page size, in order to avoid abnormal loading when page size is overly large.

Download Fastest Internet Mobile Web Browser:

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