SAMSUNG Mobile Hard Reset Code Unlock Codes

Free SAMSUNG Mobile Hard Reset Code to format, restore all SAMSUNG mobile phones. Totally free samsung unlock codes, secret codes.SAMSUNG Mobile Reset Codes:

1- Under contacts/message menu, swipe finger left to message that person  (Samsung copied this from iPhone)

2- Under contacts/message menu, swipe finger right to call  that person (Samsung copied this one too  from iPhone)

3- While messaging, just long press the space bar to get shortcuts to commonly used  punctuations(. , - ? @ ! etc)

4- When you view message, you can use multi-touch feature to zoom in and out of the text message 

5- Swipe your finger left or right to go to last or next sms.

6- Tap on the name entered to get the number of that person However this number can be used to call only not for sms ing.

1- Under contacts/message, swipe right to call that person to filter / block calls(in case you don't like that person) , go to call logs --> select contact --> tap on '...' --> select 'Block Contact' --> select what  you want to block : 'Call' or 'Message'
2- Recording a call is not possible in Bada 1.2

1- Disable Flash and images in Settings to load pages faster as well as save Data cost.
2- Use finger multi-touch to Zoom in and out.
3- When typing a url adress,just  long press the .com button to get different variants internet domains (.net, .au) etc.

1- Under the App store, click on '.....' --> to  Downloads to show a list of apps/games you have downloaded.This can be used to download games which were earlier free but are now paid
2- Long press the menu button (for 1-2 sec) to see the  task manager
3- Double press the menu button to access smart search function (if u have not disabled it)

Advanced SAMSUNG Codes to Hard Reset :

1. Service Mode
You can use service mode to change many hidden settings and to run all tests. For this you need to enter is *#197328640# . This is used by samsung guys at service center.

2. Battery mode
Use *#0228# enter into battery mode that will supply you with all the battery details.

3. Factory Format
You can use *2767*3855# completely Reset the phone. It’ll Remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage.
beware before even thinking of trying this out.

4. SIM and Network  lock settings
Using this setting you can check the status about sim lock and network lock.  Use samsung mobile reset code *#7465625# for this. This helps to know if someone sold you a carrier branded phone.

5. Codes to get Firmware version information:
SW Version, HW Version, MP, RF Cal Date, CSC Version, CSC Model Spec, FFS Version, RC2 Version – *#4986*2650468#
Only SW Version and CSC Version – *#1234#

6.Other Miscellaneous Tests:-
*#0*# – Test Super Amoled/ S-LCD  screen
*#0673# OR *#0289# –awkward  Melody test
*#0842# – to Test vibration
*#526# – Wi-Fi test

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Hope you guys enjoyed this. Just leave a comment if you like it or know more tricks. 

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